This article is about the space robot named Telly. For the Flying TV Robot with the same name, see Telly Vision.

Telly is Chibi-Robo's advisior in Chibi-Robo! Zip lash. He can talk, unlike Chibi-Robo(gibberish with subtitles at the bottom) and he moves around by hovering with rainbow wings. He provides helpful information about many aspects of the game. If you interact with him in the Chibi-House, he will say something, either a tip or an opinion, and then ask to access the amiibo menu.

Physical Description

Telly has a rounded, yellow face. His sides consist of blue, deep circles, with yellow holes. There are blue ball hands, with thin, white arms, coming out of the holes. He has blue hinges, with cyan in the middle. There is a yellow keyboard with one red key, seven yellow keys, and five white keys on it. The keyboard has a blue and cyan edge, and a silver base. His blue widescreen has two eyes, with one eye being larger than the other, and they switch places after blinking. He has rainbow wheel-like patterns on the white front of his "wings". The back is yellow with lighter yellow circles in the center.


  • Telly uses some audio clips from Photo Finder when he talks. He uses all of the clips in the beginning cutscene.
  • He can contort into a spherical transformation, and sleep when Chibi-Robo is idle for a while in the Chibi-House.
  • In the beginning cutscene when Telly first appears, he plays the Drake Redcrest theme.
  • Telly is revealed to be a fortune teller, as in the daily fortunes option, he sports a turban with the Citrusoft logo, a mustache, and gives the player a card with specials items each day the player visits.
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