This is Telly, the phone.

This article is about the phone named Telly. For the Flying TV Robot with the same name, see Telly Vision.

Telly is Chibi-Robo's advisior in Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder He can talk (gibberish with subtitles at the bottom) unlike Chibi-Robo, and he moves around by hovering. He provides helpful information about many aspects of the game.

Physical Description Edit

Telly's design is based off of a smartphone. He has a flat, rounded-rectangular shape, with some thickness. His back and edges are chrome silver. There is a light-blue color around the black, rectangular screen. On the screen, there are white eyes with pupils, and one eye being slightly larger than the next and they swap places commonly. There is a long, pill-shaped part, with depth on the lower portion of the front of Telly. On the upper portion, is a black circle camera. There are thick silver chrome circles on exactly the sides of Telly, with black, thin arms and blue spherical hands.

Personality Edit

In this game, Telly is more attentive and retains his politeness. He often calls Chibi-Robo and the Curator, 'sir', as a sign of respect for them.

Trivia Edit

  • Telly doesn't appear to have to charge up unlike Chibi-Robo who needs frequent charging or he risks losing progress on his job.
  • Telly is the only robot that appears to not need energy despite being a robot.
  • On some occasions, Telly is nowhere to be seen in the Curator's Office, but found passed out near the printer. Chibi-Robo must find Telly's chip nearby to revive him.
  • His design slightly resembles the older generations of the iPhone.
  • This Telly model has been called "Telly Phone" by some fans.
  • On the 3DS home menu, when the game is on the screen, Telly's voice can be heard at the end of the short music track.
  • Telly's ringtone is a remix of the main menu theme of the first game.