The Tao Suit is a suit in Chibi-Robo!. It allows Chibi-Robo to speak with Tao. It is obtained after completing all of Sarge's training missions, getting the Dog Tags, and showing them to the Free Rangers.

Steps to get the Tao Suit Edit

  1. Get the cup from the Kitchen, then go through the Free Ranger's crossfire into the basement.
  2. Go to far side of the counter and drop down into the hole, the Dog Tags should be here in Tao's doghouse.
  3. When you see all the Free Rangers in rows talk to Serge then go stand in the empty spot, where a cutscene will occur.
  4. Once you see Serge and four other of the Free Rangers standing near the drawers, talk to Serge. He will then ask if you want to join in training. Accept.
  5. Once you have completed the training wait a half-day and he'll ask you to complete another training course. Do every successive training courSe.
  6. After the last training couse, when you walk into the Foyer again, there will be a cutscene where most of the Free Rangers go AWOL and hide.
  7. After the cutscene walk up to the remaining Rangers and you will be able to show them the Dog Tags.
  8. Once that has occurred another cutscene will play where Serge will start crying over Memphis, the remaining Free Rangers say they need to team up to defeat Tao.
  9. That is when Serge gives you the Tao Suit to allow you to train the Free Rangers on battling Tao.