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Tao chewing on Sophie

Tao is the Sandersons' dog who is quite fond of Dog Bones. Bringing him Dog Bones is sure to please him. Chibi-Robo can communicate with him using the Tao Suit, which resembles Tao. He kidnapped Private Memphis and caused Sarge to lose his eye. He has been hated by the Free Rangers ever since. He has a bauble on his collar that contains Memphis, of the free rangers. Memphis' dog tags are in Tao's dog house. Tao spends most of his time in the kitchen along with Mrs. Sanderson and spends his day chewing on Sophie, his favorite chew toy. Tao's water bowl can be filled when Tao is in his position with his hind legs at the sink.


  • He appeared in a 2008 Japanese-only game called Captain Rainbow as a third-party character.