Sunshine, angry. Chibi-Robo holds an empty squirter against it.

Sunshine is a toy in Chibi-Robo!. He likes Nectar. He is a stuffed bear belonging to Jenny. When he doesn't have nectar, he goes insane. One night, while he was insane, he shook Princess Pitts's castle causing her to lose her shoe. Later, when Chibi-Robo entered Jenny's Room, he met Sunshine, and soon afterwards, Sunshine ran out of nectar. Then Sunshine became angry and told Chibi-Robo to give him nectar. After you give him nectar the first time, Sunshine will become happy again, but after you scare Princess Pitts with the ghost suit he will become angry again and try to destroy Princess Pitts's castle. Drake Redcrest tries to save her but is beaten badly by Sunshine after he knocks him down. Mort saves her by making Sunshine laugh with one of his moves. After you completed the Mort and Princess Pitts story, Sunshine will want to cure his nectar problem. He will give you The Legendary Nectar Seed, but it takes ten years to bloom, so you must go back in time to plant it, then when you return to the future and get the nectar, pour it on Sunshine, and he will be cured. Sunshine is one of the few toys to be owned by Jenny instead of Mr. Sanderson. There is a new game of Chibi-Robo called Happy Richie Oosouji where Sunshine is unknown to appear being Jenny's bear, it's unknown if he was put away or left with the Sandersons.

Personality Edit

Sunshine is happy and calm most of the time and enjoys dancing, but it all changes when he gets crazy for nectar. He shows to be very irritable, and tends to threaten other characters. He is also disrespectful and doesn't show much guilt for his attitude towards others. In some points in the game when he is angry, Sunshine does seem to have some control of himself and can show some concern, but will show very little of it. He dislikes getting challenged by or threatened by someone else. When completely calm, he has a pretty caring side to him and can be quite friendly.

Description Edit

Sunshine is pink and is bigger than most toys seen in the game. He has a light blue bow-tie which he wears around his neck. He also has different facial expressions which will tell which mood he is. He has his normal expression when he is calm. When angry, he has red eyes and is revealed to have sharp teeth. His last expression shows him to have wide open eyes and a wide smile. He lacks any fingers and the tips of his arms and legs are a lighter pink, including the inside of his ears.

Trivia Edit

  • Sunshine and Chibi-Robo are the only characters to make sound effects when they walk.
  • Sunshine might possibly be the strongest toy, because he is shown to be able to shake Princess Pitt's castle even though it's much bigger than he is, he can also punch Drake Redcrest even when he is using his force shield to protect him(Of course, he WAS in the force shield when it was activated).
  • The insults Sunshine uses when angry are Doofus, Pip-Squeak, CrazyPants, Space Punter.
  • He could likely be protective of Jenny as shown in one point of the game while Jenny's room, her TV begins to show alien signals, Jenny begins to stare at it so long that she becomes unaware of her surroundings, because of this Sunshine is able to watch her and move at once and throughout the night he refuses to leave Jenny to get nectar due to fearing the risk of leaving her.
  • Sunshine, Dinah, and Sophie are the only toys to be animals.
  • Sunshine's addiction to nectar might be based off drug addictions due to symptoms he shows like being angry if he goes without it for some time. He has mentioned passing out and not being able to remember what happened. He also has mentioned never sleeping which might have come from his addiction.
  • Like Drake Redcrest, Sunshine might be a TV Character and has items that Jenny collects with his face on them.
  • He is the only character who can change his voice, but it is only heard when he is mad.
  • Sunshine seems to get hungry very easily, when first met he is seen eating nectar in his jar, despite having eaten the whole thing, he still demanded nectar.
  • Sunshine and the Free Rangers both have held grudges toward Tao, this could mean Sunshine might have been chewed on by Tao due to saying he dislikes Tao.
  • He can be given honey instead of nectar but doesn't like it as much.
  • Even though he has a short side story and has a weird behavior, Sunshine appears to be a popular character for fans of Chibi-Robo.
  • Sunshine has two background music while most have one. One is his normal music when happy the other comes up if he is mad.
  • Sunshine might have lived in the Sanderson's house for 10 years even though Jenny is eight years old as he was aware of a Legendary Flower growing in their house 10 years ago.
  • Sunshine and Primopuel are the only toys who give happy points while they aren't moving.
  • Sunshine is the only character to wets himself on screen.
  • Sunshine along with Dinah are the only toys to harm someone, although Sunshine does it on screen, Dinah doesn't.
  • Shooting Sunshine with the Chibi-Blaster will make his bowtie spin
  • Even though he cares for Jenny, he still views her as a crazy girl.
  • Some gameplayers have mistaken Sunshine as a female instead of male, the same problem has happened with Telly.