All of the stickers in Chibi-Robo!.

A Sticker is an unlockable reward available throughout the Chibi Robo series. There are a total of thirty stickers in Chibi-Robo!, and there are twenty-four in Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol. Some stickers are unlocked by completing certain conditions or tasks throughout the game, while some other stickers are unlocked by completing that certain character's storyline.

List of StickersEdit


Sticker How to obtain
Giga-Robo Revive Giga-Robo.
Telly Vision Sit on the doorstop or the mushroom in Jenny's room and listen to Telly Vision.
Chibi-Door Open all of the Chibi-Doors and collect all of the money within.
Utilibot Create all of the Utilibots.
Frog Ring Find all ten Frog Rings and give them to Jenny.
Frog Squirt water on Frieda, bring Fred back to her, and do the rain dance ritual with them.
Bluebird Feed the cookie crumbs, nectar, and super eggplant to Bluebird.
Mr. Prongs Find Mr. Prongs with the Chibi-Radar and dig him up with the spoon.
Drake Redcrest Help Drake Redcrest use the Great Twin Blizzard technique on the aliens.
Sophie Scare Sophie while she has her love letter to Drake Redcrest, and he will come to her rescue and take the letter.
Free Rangers Complete all of the Free Rangers' training and get Memphis from Tao.
Captain Plankbeard Find all four of Plankbeard's crew members and see him off in the backyard at night.
The Great Peekoe Give The Great Peekoe the snorkel and goggles while he is in the fish bowl.
Sunshine Give Sunshine the legendary nectar.
Mort & Princess Defeat Sunshine on his nectar rampage and get Mort and Princess Pitts together.
Dinah Give Dinah all the blocks and revive Funky Phil.
Funky Phil See Dinah's above.
Queen Spydor Defeat Queen Spydor.
Hot Rod Get an S rank on the Chicken game.
Space Scrambler Get an S rank on the Space Scrambler race.
Cooking Cook burgers once, with all patties on the number 3 as instructed.
Kid Eggplant Unbury Kid Eggplant from the tree top.
Primopuel Get Primopuel from Jenny's piano, give him to Mr. Sanderson, and play with him.
Tamagotchi Get Tamagotchi where Giga-Robo used to sit, give it to Mr. Sanderson, and play with it at night.

Chibi-Robo!: Park PatrolEdit

Flower: Beat Miasmo.

Green Space: Get all Green Spaces.

Cartridge: Get all Cartridges.

Happy point: Get 9,999 happy points without converting them to watts.

Visitor: Get 130 visitors.

Combo: Get 30 combos in a row.

Francois: Help Francois lose his strings

Bull: Help Bull get his color back

Molly Mapleleaf: Help her become a real tree.

Tampa: Help him change jobs.

PopFizz: Get Pop and Fizz back together.

Chassy: Give her a tune-up.

Kid Kombo: Get all the dances.

Surfing: Do Pop and Fizz's minigame without hitting a can.

Paper Plane: Throw the paper plane 3,000 chibits.

Tennis Ball: Catch the tennis ball 10 times total.

Flower Shop: Give the flower guy 250 Flowers.

Trick Bench: Go on the trick bench every day.

Trampoline: Bounce 2,000 chibits high.

Cannon: Shoot Chibi robo 2,000 chibits far.

Bowling: Get 33 points in bowling.

Swing: Fly 100 chibits.

Smogling Bash: Get 130 points.

Trick Bar: Go on the trick bar every day