Chibi-Robo cleaning up a stain using the toothbrush

A Stain is a mess that Chibi-Robo can clean up using the Toothbrush. When a certain amount of stains has been cleaned up, a Cleaning Bonus is given to Chibi-Robo by Telly Vision. There are several known types of stains.


Main article: Oil

Oil takes longer than most stains to clean up. It often indicates a Spydor attack. It can be gotten up using the Squirter. Getting rid of the oil this way will not drain the battery as much and takes less time, but it will not yield happy points or Moolah


Main article: Scribble

A Scribble is a stain accidently drawn on the floor by Jenny.


Main article: Pawprint

A Pawprint is a paw shaped stain on the floor. It is when Tao tracks mud into the house. There are also Shoeprints left throughout the house, primarily around doors leading outside. These are left by Mr. Sanderson.