Mr. Prongs1

Using the spoon to find Mr. Prongs in the living room.


The spoon is an item and one of the seven tools available in Chibi-Robo!. The Spoon could only be attained by unlocking the utilibots, purchasing the kitchen ladder utilibot, and raising the ladder over the dip where the spoon is located. The spoon could be used for a few things: stirring Mrs.Sanderson's tea, digging in the dirt to plants seeds, hitting the ground to make Mr. Prongs grow, and to dig up the The Scurvy Splinter.

How to Find the SpoonEdit

Find the spoon with the kitchen ladder (go to the Kitchen  page to find out how to get the kitchen ladder). Look around with your camera to find the spoon (press the Y button, it will show you where it is) and go up to the counter and past the sink. You should see the ladder below the spoon. Plug into the ladder (face the spoon), and adjust it to the right height. Then climb up to the spoon and it's yours!
Finding the spoon

Finding the spoon.