Sophie (Japanese name: ベベ or "Bebe") is a toy in Chibi-Robo!, belonging to Tao. She is a stuffed caterpillar with huge eyes and a many bright colors. Sophie has strong feelings for Drake Redcrest, thinking about him near constantly. She writes her innermost thoughts in her diary when she believes no one's looking. She can be in found in several places throughout the game, most often in the kitchen on the counter.

She also posted a diary online for a few years.


Sophie is one of the first toys you meet in Chibi-Robo!. When you first encounter her, she is blocking the passage to the kitchen. In order to get into the kitchen, you must first meet Drake Redcrest, collect the Drake Redcrest Suit, learn to pose in the suit, and show her your pose. She assumes that Drake was the one who posed, and quickly leaves, feeling shy.

After completing the Mort and princess Pitts quest, Sophie begins writing love letters to Drake Redcrest. Sophie writes three letters all of which she loses. Upon finding one of Sophie's letters, Telly will appear and insist that you read it. You can either give the love letter to Drake Redcrest or to Sophie. Every time Sophie receives a letter she will give you 1,000 Moolah . After all three letters are given to either her or Drake, she will appear in the living room, admiring Drake Redcrest from a distance.


Sophie is shy and frightens easily to anything. She has a bit of a teenage girl behavior and loves writing her thoughts in her diary. She faints at times and gets nervous when near Drake Redcrest.


Sophie is a colorful caterpillar and has two large eyes with eyelashes, and mouth with big red lips. Her body is segmented into 5 round parts, including her head, each with different colors and patterns. She has orange feather-like protrusions on her tail, and large purple antenna.


  • Sophie doesn't seem to mind being chewed on by Tao, being a dog toy. Being chewed on is natural for her.
  • For some reason, she enjoys falling down the stairs.
  • Sophie writes in her diary that she has been with the Sandersons since before Jenny was born.
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