A Smogling is an enemy made out of smog. They serve Miasmo. If they dance near a Flower it will turn black. Black flowers will die at mid-night. When you spray a Smogling with a Squirter, it will revert to its "ball" form. Continuous spraying will cause the Smogling to swell and explode, releasing waves of water. If you run over a Smogling with a Chibi vehicle, it will flatten the Smogling and it will release 1-3 buds. Smoglings respawn from Sergent Smoggolor, or Smogling Holes. After completing the game, all Smoglings will be pink. Pink Smoglings dance around flowers, but instead of turning a flower black, they turn flowers rainbow. Also, pink/black Smoglings can be seen in minigames, such as Bowling or Smoglings Bash.Going too close to Smoglings when they are black has a chance of turning it Red,Red Smoglings cannot be damaged by water and can only be escaped with any Chibi-Rides vehicle,If escaped from Red Smoglings turn back to normal Black

Smoglings reappear in Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder.