A Smogglob is a giant Smogling with a more jagged mouth. If it simply touches a Flower, the flower will become a Black Flower. It also has a gas attack that changes Flowers into Miasmo Flowers. After finishing the game, Smogglobs will turn pink, and will turn all walked-on and breathed-on flowers into rainbow flowers instead. They spawn by falling from the sky.

How to Defeat One
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A Smogglob among several Smoglings.

You can't run over Smogglobs with an Old Bike , a New Bike , or a Canoe . If you hit a Smogglob with a Cart or Chassy, it will fall back. You must then use the squirter to fill it with water, and eventually it will explode and release lots of water. Sergent Smoggolor releases three Smogglobs when he uses a SUPERELITEZPOW attack.