Sarge as he appears in Chibi Robo plug into adventure.

is the sergeant of the Free Rangers in Chibi-Robo!. Tao kidnapped Private Memphis and injured Sarge's eye. After Memphis was taken by Tao, Sarge became tough on his remaining soldiers. When he first sees Chibi Robo, he thinks he is an enemy, where him and his soldiers try to destroy Chibi-Robo. Once the player gets past them, you can train with them. There are four training courses, Spy Training, Handrail Training, Jungle Training, and Waterfall Training, Once you get Captain Plankbeard's Ship, 7 Free Rangers go AWOL, where Sarge become depressed. When the player finds Memphis's dog tags and gives them to Sarge, he will start to treat his soldiers better and will start a new training call, named Tao Defense Training. Once the player completes the training, Chibi Robo can help them save Memphis. During the rescue, Sarge's former soldiers join the rescue and after the player shoots the collar that holds Memphis and releases him, Sarge is no longer is tough on his soldiers. Sarge also appears in Welcome home Chibi Robo! along with two Free rangers by his side residing in the basement of Jenny's house. In game, he doesn't have his signature beret, and instead has a mining hat with a flashlight attached to it. He and his two men had been residing underground for some period of time after the fire, surviving and attempting to make it through in life.

Personality Edit

 Sarge is normally tough, and tends to lose his temper with his men if they make mistakes. Despite this, he has a very emotional side to him, and sometimes cries when depressed or happy. He wants the rangers to be the best men they can be. He wants what is best for his men.

Physical Description Edit

Sarge looks like the rest of the free rangers. He is red instead of orange. He sports the same camouflage outfit, but with a gold star on it. He has the same hat as the rangers, but with gold wings, and a tilted position on his head. He does not seem to have a visible nose. He has a frown, one stern eye, and one cross-shaped scar on his other one.

Trivia Edit

  • Out of most characters in the game, Sarge is the most emotional.
  • Sarge probably has the most injuries than others, being swiped twice and falling off a high shelf and falling face first.
  • Sarge favors Memphis than his other rangers, probably cause Memphis is his most hard working and loyal ranger.
  • Sarge has certain respect for other characters like Captain Plankbeard, Chibi-Robo, and Giga-Robo.
  • Sarge calls Mr. Sanderson the General. Possibly due to him being depicted as the 'man of the house'.
  • Unlike the rangers, Sarge appears not to have a nose.

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Sarge as he appears in "Welcome home Chibi Robo!"