Q spydorz

Phase 2 of the battle.

The Queen Spydor is a giant Spydor that appeared in the original Chibi Robo game and functioned as the final boss. Queen Spydor is the leader of the Spydors and  trapped the Sandersons and Tao in cocoons near the end of story mode. Chibi-Robo fights it on the ceiling of the Living Room to set them free.

The BattleEdit

The battle with the Queen Spydor begins with time traveling 10 years ago and finding the combination 2455 on the suitcase. After returning to the present and unlocking the suitcase Giga-Robo's leg will be seen after attempting to retrieve the leg, The Queen's Minions, large spydorz not bigger than the queen, but bigger than regular spydorz, take the leg and attack the family. After beating the minions the queen comes out of hiding and cocoons the family. In the first phase of the battle the Queen uses a magnet to shield itself in metal which is gradually broken off by hitting it with the Chibi-Blaster. The Queen attacks in two ways at first, activating a web to take out Chibi-Robo's battery life and suck him toward her and dropping Spydor bombs towards Chibi-Robo. When all of its armour has fallen off it will turn purple and fire Spydors. When the Queen is finally destroyed you get three items the last Frog Ring, Giga-Robo's left leg, and the Queen Spydor sticker. You can now reactivate Giga-Robo and the story mode is complete.