Big Mr.Prongs

Mr. Prongs and Chibi Robo.

Mr. Prongs
is a character in Chibi-Robo! who has a plug for a head. To find him, use the Chibi-Radar while on the floor in the Living Room. If it points straight downward, stop, and hit the floor with the Spoon. Than he will appear. Keep doing it and he will dance and grow larger. After a while, he will give Chibi-Robo Happy Points and disappear. Then, Chibi-Robo will recieve the Mr. Prongs Sticker. Telly Vision, freaked out that he had a plug for a head, decided to give him a name. It was Mr. Prongs. It is unsure whether Mr. Prongs is considered a toy or something else.

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Prongs is the only character who doesn't have a face.
  • It could be unlikely that he is a toy, due to the fact that he will appear in the room even with humans watching him.
  • If Chibi-Robo fails to help Mr. Prongs grow, he will continue to shrink untiil he is unseen, this will cause him to get angry and a bedpan will fall on Chibi-Robo, this could be a sign that Mr. Prongs can die without sound, although this may be unlikely due to the fact that he can continue appearing.
  • Mr. Prongs has the most minor role of any character.
  • He is the only character who shows a sign of nudity.