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is a toy in Chibi-Robo!. He is a mummy that lives in a shoe box underneath Jenny's bed in Jenny's Bedroom. He has a secret crush on Princess Pitts, but always fails to present himself to her correctly, due to his appearance. He has problems with flowers and can't touch them without killing them. When Sunshine wrecks Princes Pitt's castle, Mort stops him by having Chibi-Robo press the button on his back, which activates "The Super Miraculous Mort Surprise v2". When Sunshine sees this he walks away laughing and stops attacking the castle, and Mort and Princess Pitts fall in love. They also give Chibi-Robo 200 happy points and the Mort & Princess Sticker. Later Chibi-Robo can go under the bed, where he will be introduced to Mort and Pitt's children.

Personality Edit

 Mort is very shy and is always depressed about himself, he thinks of himself being ugly and most of the time, hates being bothered when he is in his coffin.

Description Edit

 Mort is a mummy and has a blue body with bandages covering him. His chest can open up to eject various objects such as scary faces or a heart with a hook in it, along with a burst of confetti. The has a large button on his back that can be pressed to unleash "The Super Miraculous Mort Surprise v2" which ejects a purple face with spiky blue hair and sharp teeth. According to Mort, this move can only be used once in his life.

Trivia Edit

  • Mort has claimed to have lived 1800 years or more, but it is unlikely that he is, due to being a toy. This probably refers to his character and the fact that he is a mummy.
  • Mort is the only character to have a crush on someone and succeed in having a relationship with their love. he gets married to Princess Pitts.
  • Mort, Princess Pitts, and Funky Phil are the only characters to have children.
  • Mort may be the Sanderson's first toy due to saying they have had him since the time they dated.
  • Mort is the only male character who has a relationship with someone who doesn't seem to get hen peck by their girlfriend or wife.
  • Mort's name comes from the Latin word mortis meaning death.