Living Room Map

Map of the Living Room.

The Living Room is a room in the Sandersons' house. It is where the Chibi-House is located. The game starts out here on the tea table. After the party, Chibi-Robo explores the rest of the room. There is a Trash Can in this room. At the end of the game, Chibi-Robo fights the Queen Spydor on the ceiling of this room.

Early in the game, before Mrs. Sanderson locks herself in the bedroom, Mr. Sanderson can be found here watching TV. During the daytime Jenny is often here sitting on the floor drawing. At night sometime Tao can be found sleeping on the sofa. Later in the game, Giga-Robo is the one who sometime watches TV from the sofa.

The Living Room is where Mr. Prongs appears. Later the Drake Redcrest Wax record for Funky Phil and Tamagotchi are all found in the Living Room.

Connecting RoomsEdit