The Kitchen is a room in the Sandersons' house. In the beginning of the game, you "have tea" with Mrs. Sanderson by talking to her near the kitchen sink. Later in the game (after Mrs. Sanderson locks herself in her bedroom), you can make burgers with Mr. Sanderson by talking to him near the stove. The Spoon can be found in this room.

Who's in the Kitchen?

  • Tea with Ms. S

    Having tea with Mrs. Sanderson.

    Mrs. Sanderson - By the kitchen sink doing dishes. Talk to her and she'll ask you to tea at the kitchen table. Later in the game, she'll be sitting at the table with Jenny.
  •  Sophie - At night she crawls and back and forth along the countertop and sometimes writes in her diary. During the day she won't talk to you, but Tao will probably be playing with her by his bowl.
    Tao in the kitchen

    Tao is often found playing with Sophie by his bowl.

    Tao - If he's not in the backyard, he's playing with Sophie by his bowl.

    Making burgers with Dad.

    Mr. Sanderson - After getting the letter from Mrs. Sanderson, he will be standing by the stove. If you talk to him, he'll ask you to help him make burgers.
  •  Jenny - Later in the game, she will be sitting at the table with her mother.



The Drain can be entered via the kitchen sink, inside the Drain are mice, that when come into contact with, will damage Chibi and make him lose Battery Power. The only reason to enter this area is to obtain Mr. Sanderson's ring during a certain story mission, however Chibi is allowed to head into the Drain as much as he wants, as no one stops him from entering the Drain.


Chibi-Robo can climb inside of the stove's air vent where he can find puddles of Honey and Oil. During the day, The Great Peekoe can also be found up in the vent.

Kitchen Utilibots

There is a Ladder Ulilibot and a Bridge Utilibot in this room. The Bridge Utilibot is used to reach the kitchen table and a Chibi-Door, while the Ladder Utilibot is used to reach the Spoon, Bandages, and Chibi-Doors.

Connecting Rooms

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