A Free Ranger

A Free Ranger is a type of toy. They are all eggs serving in the military group of the same name, the Free Rangers. They are similar to traditional Green Army men, only sporting a more egg shape. They are often punished by having them "scrambled", though this may just be an expression or it may mean more training.

Known Free Rangers:Edit

-Sarge-Leader of the Free Rangers.

-Private Memphis-First class private and good friend of sarge.

-The Sandersons' Chibi-Robo-Ununiformed soldier.

-Tex, Jersey, Denver, Nawlins, Fargo, Orlando, Detroit, Frisco, Oregon, Montana, Tucson, and Houston

Two Free Rangers wearing mining hats. They accompany Sarge in Welcome Home Chibi Robo!,residing in the basement.

Former Free Rangers:Edit

-Tampa- Former private in the Free Rangers.  During Park Patrol, he was seperated from his platoon, so he gave up his military equipment and lifestyle to go into construction.  His tank becomes a bulldozer!

-7 AWOL soldiers-4 are pirates (Cincy, Idaho, Macon, and Maui), 2 are space scrambler pilots (Fairbanks and Bama), 1 is a race car driver (Vegas).

Trivia Edit

  • All Free Rangers excluding Sarge are named after real cities.
  • Most Free Rangers will talk to Chibi-Robo even when a human is in the same room, but they will hide before doing so.
  • The Free Rangers' name is a pun on free-range eggs, a term used to describe eggs that were laid by birds who were allowed to be outdoors.
  • In the Japanese version of Chibi Robo, the Free Ranger's guns are black, while in the U.S. they are orange. This is most likely due to censorship issues, as they did not want to have the rangers holding realistic guns.