The Foyer is a room in the Sandersons' house. It is the training grounds of the Free Rangers. It consists of two floors. When Chibi-Robo first enters the room to discover the source of a mysterious sound, 


Chibi-Robo fighting off Spydors in the Foyer.

Chibi-Robo is attacked by the Free Rangers. When Chibi-Robo gets across after obtaining the Mug, the Free Rangers realize that Chibi-Robo might not be an enemy. Slightly later on in the game, at night, Jenny can be found weeping outside the Bedroom.

How to Get UpstairsEdit

In the begining of the game, you will only be able to go up a few of  the steps. Later, once the spydors  come, you will be able to gather scrap (you'll need 300) to build the Foyer Ladder (utilibot), which will enable you to go upstairs.

Push it over to the table beside the stairs (like the picture shown to the right) and climb up. Then, use your chibi-copter to fly onto the stairs, where you will be able to continue climbing.

Getting upstairs

Getting upstairs.

Later in the game you can get the Foyer Warp, which is a faster, much easier way of getting upstairs (this can also be bought in the Recycletron with 300 scrap). It is found at the base of the stairs and to use just plug in from any side and wait intil the blue light is at it's full height. Then, jump on it and walk to the center, where it will take you up.

Upstairs Hall

Upstairs Hallway

Connecting roomsEdit