Featured in Chibi-Robo!
Found Throughout the House
Happy Points given for throwing away 1
Moolah given for throwing away 10

A Crumb is a type of trash in Chibi-Robo!. It is found throughout the house. It can be given to ants or the fish for more Happy Points than if Chibi-Robo throws it away. It can be given to the Bird once he or she gets woken up and returns to its nest to make it bigger and give more happy points.If a crumb is given to the ant you'll receive 20 happy points, but it can't be done again until the next day. After giving the crumb to the fish in the kitchen the fish will give you a mominum of 16 happy points and 10 happy points from Ms.Sanderson if she's in the room over the sink. if done more than one a day the fish will give you only one happy point.(After giving the fish a certain amount of crumbs a new fish will appear the next day.)