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Chibi-Robo Pick Up Plug


A Chibi-Robo is a robot whose goal is to make people happy. They are designed by Citrusoft. Every Chibi-Robo comes with a Chibi-House shaped like its head. Chibi-Robo are preceded by Giga-Robo, a much larger, similar looking robot also made by Citrusoft, a long time before Chibi-Robo were created. Chibi-Robo have been known to be unable to speak, they can say yes or no using signs. They run on Watts and can be recharged by plugging into an outlet.

The First Series of Chibi-Robo

The first generation of Chibi-Robo was dedicated to helping around the house doing things like household chores. They came with a Chibi-Copter built into their head and could purchase a Chibi-Blaster and Chibi-Radar with moolah. They each come with a manager/mascot robot called Telly Vision. These Chibi-Robos eventually caused an energy crisis like the Giga-Robos and got less popular.

The Sandersons' Chibi-Robo

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The Sandersons' Chibi-Robo was a gift for Jenny on her birthday from her dad. Its first objective was to get a gift for Jenny. Mrs. Sanderson was angry at Mr. Sanderson for buying it since they were between jobs. It eventually met several toys. The Chibi-Robo eventually discovered the Sandersons' Giga-Robo in the Basement. He in fact stopped a divorce for the Sandersons and saved Mr. and Mrs. Sandersons relationship.

Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol

Blooming Chibi-Robo were created because flowers around the world were disappearing. He was programmed by Citrusoft and was later included in a special project to repair parks that have been abandoned and shipped thousands of the Chibi-Robos to these parks, claiming to be, "Free!". This Chibi-Robo model includes a squirt-gun, for watering flowers, a tiny bike to get around quicker, and a boom box for making plants happy. He comes with a Chibi-House, with Chet as his assistant.

Chibi-Robo! Clean Sweep

A Chibi-Robo owned by Jenny's family. He contributes to the family's Savings Tournaments, and orders new furniture from the TV shopping network to help make the family feel richer.

NostalJunk Chibi-Robo

Curator's Chibi-Robo

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A Chibi-Robo owned by the Curator. He helps collect and take pictures of various NostalJunk

Chibi-Robo! Zip-Lash

This Chibi-Robo is the latest model. He seems to not be owned by anyone. This Chibi-Robo is independent, as he demonstrates self-defense for himself, with his cord. This model does not seem to have the Chibi-Blaster equipped. His home is in space, unlike previous models. He has a toothbrush, but is never seen using it in gameplay. Unlike to ones from the other games, he doesn't have his watt capacity increase from time to time, as instead, his watts start with 999 watts. His watts can only be increased as Super Chibi-Robo, at 2000 watts. His communication signs have been changed, as no would remain an 'X' and yes would become a check mark.

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