PIA chibi-blaster icon

The Chibi-Blaster icon

The Chibi-Blaster is a type of Chibi-Gear that is available from the Chibi-PC. The Chibi-Blaster allows Chibi-Robo to fire blasts of sonic energy. It is most useful in destroying the Spydorz that attack from time to time, breaking objects marked by a Sunshine sticker, and finding invisible Chibi-Doors. Unlike other Chibi-Gear, the Chibi-Blaster can also be upgraded with a Charge Chip (allowing for charged shots) and the Range Chip (allowing for long-distance shots). Mr. Sanderson will also upgrade the Chibi-Blaster when the Spydorz become a threat to the family, though aside from changing the color and destroying large Spydorz the upgrade has no further effect. It is similar to Samus' Arm Cannon in the Metroid Series in the way that it comes out of Chibi-Robo's arm and that its blasts can be charged up (after buying the Charge Chip).
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