Captain Plankbeard is a toy that appears in Chibi-Robo! Plug Into Adventure!. He lives in the Basement of the Sandersons' home. He is a small wooden toy pirate. However, he lost his pirate ship, The Scurvy Splinter, a long time ago. He was a good friend of Giga-Robo and is still thankful to him for bring him and the other toys to life. When his ship was found he need a crew, which were four AWOL free rangers who saw Captain Plankbeard as their hero. After he has his crew, He goes searching for Treasure and gives Chibi-Robo his treasure maps. When Giga-Robo is reactivated he is the most happy out of all characters. Once the treasure is all found and the Free Ranger story in complete after helping Giga-Robo, Captain Plankbeard along with his crew leave the Sanderson's house and is never seen again.


Captain Plankbeard tends to act tough like any pirate, but normally has a good side to him. He enjoys having adventures and wants to find treasure around the world. He tends to be forgetful especially when he loses his ship. He at times is quite demanding when desperate in finding something. He has shown that he never has the will to steal items from others. He is also at times quite emotional.


Captain Plankbeard is made of wood, he has a green wooden beard and is somewhat short. Holds a wooden jug, and has a belt with a skull buckle and a red cutlass. He wears a red pirate hat, brown shoes, purple pants, striped shirt with a blue jacket, and has an eyepatch on his left eye.

Treasure Maps

Treasure Map A: "When the exulted one stands..." Get this treasure after you revive Giga-Robo - he's sitting on it.  Inside is a Tamagotchi!

Treasure Map B: "To find this treasure, you will need many keys..." In Jenny's room, you'll see a pink toy piano. Walk around on the keys for a while until a treasure chest pops up. Inside is Primopuel!

Treasure Map C: Climb up the tree and shoot the web with a charged shot and walk left past the bluebird. Use your chibi-copter to fly over to a small dirt area and dig. A treasure chest will pop up and inside is Kid Eggplant!


  • He acts tough, but tends to get upset easily like Sarge.
  • He's the only character to have a major side story and leave after it's complete.
  • He's one of the few toys to mention Giga-Robo when he was switched off, while the others have put Giga-Robo behind them and moved on.
  • He's the only toy to bet against the Great Peekoe.
    CP and his crew

    Captain Plankbeard and his crew, former Free Rangers.

  • His ship, for unknown reasons, can fly in the air.
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