Chibi Robo with Boom Box
A Blooming Chibi-Robo is a special model of a Chibi-Robo designed to plant Flowers, and by so doing, revitalize green spaces, such as public parks. This model of Chibi Robo came equipped with a Boom Box, a Squirter, and a Chibi-house capable of generating its own electricity via happy points. Its Chibi-PC is the planning area for Park Projects, which must first be installed via Cartridge. The Chibi-Robo's manager is supposed to hold full responsibility for project completion, but on at least one occasion this Chibi-Robo was shipped with a manager unable to exit the Chibi-House. In such instances, other help must be found by Chibi, usually in the form of toys. Should Project Cartridges be lost, Citrusoft is able to re-issue some cartridges for a fee in watts, however, the remainder must be recovered by Chibi.

To accomplish its main goal of flower growth, Chibi-Robo must first use the Boom Box near White Flowers to dance. At the end of the song, Chibi's dance is scored. The higher this score is, the higher the number of seeds released by the flower. This score must be at least 70 points (50 with the chibi-gear powerup active) for any seeds to be produced. These seeds then embed themselves in the ground, and become buds. Chibi-Robo can then cause these buds to grow by squirting them with the Squirter. However, buds can only grow when the plot of land they are growing in is not sand. After a successfully completed dance, the flower's color will change to a random color capable of growing in that plot.

When there at least 30 fully grown flowers in a plot of land, that plot wiill become a green space, and any unwatered buds will become happy points. Any white flowers that have not danced will also change to a random flower capable of growing in that plot. Should a seed land in a plot that has already turned green, it will still become a bud, but should Chibi attempt to water it, it will become a happy point instead.